The Right Roof To Keep Your Computer Center Cool

By | April 16, 2017

cool roof for computer room

One of the most important rooms in any commercial office is the data center room. If the data center is a large one, then there is going to be a lot of heat that would be generated by the constant use of computers and other machinery. These machines will be working round the clock and hence heat in the room is one important thing that you should be wary of.

Keeping the room cool is a very important aspect of any data center so that work does not get affected. The energy efficiency is also another important aspect that you should be concerned of in large commercial establishments. The more machines are in operation in the data center, the hotter it is. You need to increase the cooling space in the room. Even though we use air conditioners to improve the coolness in the data center, you need one more important thing to reduce the energy consumption and that is a cool roof.

Why install a cool roof?

The roof of a data center has to be chosen very carefully as this is the only thing that is between the equipment in the room and the sun. The sun will beat down all day on the roof and hence the temperature inside the room is bound to increase. This is a known phenomenon in warmer cities. There are certain roofing materials that will absorb the sun’s rays and keep it inside and this will lead to even hotter temperatures inside the data centers. The interior hot temperatures will be maintained on the roof even after the sun has gone down. So, it is very important to choose the roof wisely for a data center and a cool roof will solve most of the problems easily. Contact Authentic Restoration for a residential cool roof install quote for your home or office in the Raleigh Durham, North Carolina Area.

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How can a roof affect the temperature?

  • There are many factors that can make a roof to affect the temperature in a room.
  • Some of the roofing materials are conductive to heat and they will quickly trap the sun’s rays.
  • There are certain colors that will affect the roof temperature, especially the dark colored ones.
  • The amount of sun that the roof gets will also be a telling factor in increasing the temperature of the room.

How to create a cool roof?

One of the best ways to reduce the effect of the sun’s rays on the roof is to use light colored or white roofs. These roofs have the feature of reflecting the sun’s rays that fall on them and therefore the room temperature does not get to intolerable levels. By changing the color of the roof, you will find that your data center is a lot cooler than before and you also save some money on your energy bills. Another option is to consider roof gardens as this will help in absorbing a lot of the sun’s heat and will keep the room cooler. You can also think of using sun shades over the roof to reduce the heat rays of the sun from hitting the roof directly.